What we do...

Intankt is a consulting analytics firm focusing on ad-hoc reporting & we want to help you out.

Our goal is to make analytics accessible and viable to as many as possible – we believe that analytics should be fast, valuable, affordable and useful. As a start-up we are able to deliver high quality products, swiftly, while also pushing the price model considerably. Analytics is an investment that experts consider have one of the highest R.O.I. – Data is now one of the most valuable commodity in the world which companies often leave unused. We want to help you extract insight from these.

The biggest hurdle is usually not knowing what you are able to do or where to start.

What we offer...

Below you will find what we usually work with. Usually, analytics efforts are hindered by not knowing what you can accomplish, what to do or how to do it. As Data Science is becoming a more complex subject with today’s access to vast data sources and the computational power to match, we want to show you what is possible.

When we are talking about data processing we usually talk about collection and processing of data to create meaningful insight. If you do not have sufficient data we can acquire some for you. We know what data is supposed to look like to have value.

Data Cleaning – As a general rule 70% of all the work that goes into an analysis project consist of data preparation. This is an increasing problem within business analytics and data science; without good data your results will be misleading or flat out wrong. The process cleans up missing values, outliers and other variables that would make your data problematic.

Data Cleaning Advanced – We are also able to clean up your data as in our Data Cleaning Package, but more to your specifications. Changing the file and structure to your needs. Use your data to create models and try to calculate missing values among other things you might need.

Web Scraping – The process of automatically gathering information from websites. We use applications which adhere to pages terms of service and might be able to extract exactly what you need and assemble it as a structured database.

Surveys – If there is any human research topic you want more insight in, we can know how to structure and gather that data for you.

At times you might have to much data, and want to know how it looks to better investigate. We can provide products for that as well. These products are a vital first step in any data analytical effort.

Statistics Report – A simple report of your data file consisting of pure statistics, which makes it easier to see how to deal with it and give some insight into missing values and what your data set really looks like.

Data Quality Report – A swift report on the quality of your data set against our benchmark. Comes with a Statistics Report, information on outliers and correlations and recommendation for improvement.

Do you want to figure out something specific about your client base? Usually when you are talking about predictive analytics your talk about predicting who of your clients will churn in the future or who is most valuable and you should target in future marketing efforts.

The way predictive analytics works is you need one file where the target variable is known (for example clients who have churned last six months). From this file you create a model and then apply that model to another file where we have the rest of your clients.

Predictive Modeling – Statistics Report and Data Quality Report included. Optimal model is created with the data provided. We recommend using this product with our Data Cleaning Service for optimal results.

Predictive Modeling Advanced – Comes with Statistics Report, Data Quality Report and Data Cleaning. We make your data as good as it gets and will also look for latent data variables to create the best model possible.

Insight analytics is our pure reporting packages. We want to make finding insight easier for you and will take care of your in house reporting or create swift visualized reports from your data.

Basic Reporting – You provide the data and how you want the report and we will create them for you according to deadline.

Text Mining Report – Most of the data that exist in the world is called unstructured data. That is data that is not structured in a easy to read spreadsheet, for example. A good example of unstructured data that many companies have access to is text. If you have social media feedback, company text or the like we have one of Sweden’s most powerful text mining engines that can create a report for you. We clean up the text for you, correct spelling and give you word frequencies analysis, content analysis and sentiment analysis.

Facebook Insight Report – You provide us with your Facebook audience insight page or post data and we will swiftly generate a report of that data. Goes well with our Text Mining Product.

Google Analytics Report – We know how important your website is to you and will gladly provide a insightful report on what is really happening online.

Social Media Analytics Report – Is your investment in social media paying off. Regardless of platform, we can structure an ad-hoc or recurring report for you.

Sometimes you just need inspiration or understanding. We provide that.

Tailored – We will gladly prepare a presentation on any data, insight and analytics subject you feel is valuable to know more about and present it to your workers or clients and how you incorporate that into your business.

Tailored Advanced – We provide insight into the process and what is happening in the world right now in regards to data science and analytics. We would love to visit you and hold a workshop, and provide plentiful of whitepapers and material in the process.

Send us an e-mail with your thoughts and we will set up a discussion on what you need to become better and how we can help. If you have a problem we can probably tackle it together. Price: Tailored Solution.

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